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Read All About It: Books on The War of 1812

Interest in the War of 1812 occasioned by the Bicentennial Commemoration has stimulated the publication of many books, and re-awakened interest in many previously-published volumns. This page provides links to downloadable versions of a variety of books about the War of 1812 published by the United States Navy and other organizations and authors. If you are the author of a book about the War of 1812, or if your organization has published a book about the War of 1812 that you would like to provide for non-commercial download, we invite you to contact us to be added to this page.

Naval History and Heritage Command Downloads

Great Chase

Yardarm to Yardarm -- How the War of 1812 Created America's Navy

Published by the Naval History and Heritage Command.


Yardarm to Yardarm
 constitution-gurriere 2

Interpreting Old Ironsides: An Illustrated Guide to USS Constitution

By Charles E. Brodine, Jr., Michael J. Crawford, Christine F. Hughes

Published by the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Interpreting Old Ironsides

Historical Volumes Online for Download

Naval war of 1812 T Roosevelt

The Naval War of 1812
or the History of the United States Navy during the Last War with Great Britain to Which Is Appended an Account of the Battle of New Orleans

By Theodore Roosevelt

The Naval War of 1812
 cover mahan

Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812

By Alfred Thayer Mahan

Sea Power IRT 1812
mentor war of 1812 cover 

The Mentor: The War of 1812

by Albert Bushnell Hart

The War of 1812


 cover fight for a free sea

The Fight for a Free Sea: A Chronicle of the War of 1812

By Ralph D. Paine

The Fight for a Free Sea
 cover fight for a free sea

The War With the United States: A Chronicle of the War 1812

By William Wood

The War with the US
 cover tc smith

The Wars Between England and America

By Theodore C. Smith

The Wars
 cover cruikshank

The Battle of Fort George

By Ernest Cruikshank

Battle of Fort George
 cover brock

The Story of Isaac Brock

By Walter R. Nursey

Story of Isaac Brock
 cover prisoner

Journal of An American Prisoner At Fort Malden and Quebec in the War of 1812

Edited by G. M. Fairchild, Jr.

American Prisoner
cover gleig 

The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans 1814-1815

By Rev. G. R. Gleig, Chaplain-General to the Forces

British Army
 cover young man

A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts

By Benjamin Waterhouse

Young Man


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