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USS Scorpion Links

The USS Scorpion is a true historical treasure expected to be excavated during the Bicentennial of the War of 1812. To learn more about the USS Scorpion and the naval archaeology process for its recovery please check out these sites:

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Naval History Blog

The Naval History Blog is hosted by two organizations steeped in the traditions of naval history, which see it as a cornerstone of their missions. The U.S. Naval Institute and the Naval History & Heritage Command are working together to bring their considerable intellectual resources and passion for naval history to this destination.

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The Search for the Scorpion Blog

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), the US Navy, and Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) are currently searching for the USS Scorpion in the Patuxent River. Past underwater archaeology surveys revealed a War of 1812 wreck in these waters, but not enough evidence was gathered to identify her as Commodore Joshua Barney's flagship.


USS Scorpion on Facebook

Underwater Archaeological Investigation of a War of 1812 Shipwreck. Follow us as excavate this wreck and learn more about Barney's Chesapeake Flotilla.


Search for the USS Scorpion: A Documentary on Maryland Public Television

Maryland Public Television is documenting the excavation of a submerged site in the Patuxent River by an archeological team that is trying to learn whether or not the ship is the U.S.S. Scorpion -- flagship of Commodore Joshua Barney's famed War of 1812 flotilla that is believed to have been scuttled and sunk on the site. The documentary, "Search for the USS Scorpion," will be broadcast in the Fall of 2012. Check here for updates on what producers are finding...




Julie M. Schablitsky serves as the chief archaeologist and heads the cultural resources section at the Maryland Sate Highway Administration. She is also an adjunct assistant professor in the anthropology department at the University of Maryland and is a senior research archaeologist at the University of Oregon.


Archaeology Excavations

The sailing ship could be the USS Scorpion, part of a fleet known as the Chesapeake Flotilla that was designed to navigate the shallow waters of the Patuxent and harass the British, whose Royal Navy at the time was terrorizing towns from Havre de Grace to Norfolk. The archaeology excavation is part of Maryland's effort to create a tourism cash cow from the bicentennial of a war whose biggest claim to fame is inspiring "The Star-Spangled Banner."


The Filey Bay Initiative

2010 has seen a new focus on Filey and its Heritage. Complimenting our rich Maritime Heritage, 2010 is the 100th anniversary of early flight and development by Robert Blackburn on Filey's sands. Driven by The Filey Bay Initiative and with the assistance of generous funding from Filey's Town Council, a successful planned celebration of the event was held at Filey to mark the occasion.


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